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Our Favourite Artists Of The Decade: Tucker Bs, Peabody, Further

Tucker Bs
Tucker Bs. Absolute nutcases.

Welcome to the final installment of our RED HOT (and slightly drawn out) Favourite Artists Of The Decade series. It's been a fun ride, but like all good things (high school, band camp, finger bang camp) it must eventually pack up shop.

We have decided to combine these final three artists into a single post NOT because they are only a third as good as the other bands we have featured BUT because there are several crossover points, several intersection lines and a multitude of sexy coincidences between the Tucker Bs, Peabody and Further.


When I think of Sydney music over the past decade these are the three bands that immediately come to mind. Easily the three most consistent, yet completely unappreciated acts to call Sydney town home.

While I know you fact-checking l0sers will be foaming at the mouth to tell me that the Tucker Bs actually originated in The Land Of Perth, three-quarters of the current line-up have spent the last three/four years living in Sydney, so that means they are now from Sydney. It's a legal thing.

In The Raw: Tucker Bs Interview

I know what you're thinking - what makes these bands better than Art Vs Science, Dappled Cities Fly and Bluejuice? Well...

  1. LOL!
  2. ROFL!
  3. HA!!!
  4. Gut-busting talent.
  5. Consistency.

Which leads me into the second reason why these three bands have been included in this list...


In the case of both Further and Peabody, I was fairly late to the party. In fact I only really officially classified myself as a fan when they both released their 2008 albums, Further's Tactics and Peabody's Prospero.

Like any late blossoming obsession, I then dove into their discographies and discovered they had a pretty much faultless back catalogue. The Tucker Bs have always been close to my heart. Like a rifle you get for your 18th birthday with your name inscribed on it.

Peabody - This Mood Has Passed

While they each have standout records (for those playing along at home that's Tactics, The New Violence and Chubby) they've never had an album that wasn't at least as good as a home cooked meal, a blowjob and a good Keanu Reeves movie (ie. any of his movies). And sure, they've all had songs that run at only about 70%, but all three acts are 'album bands', which traditionally means you can guarantee that if you not feeling one song, then the next one is probably gonna smash your balls off.


All three of these bands are completely untouchable in a live setting. While, sadly, they don't perform quite as regularly as they used to (I remember a time when you could pretty turn up at the Hopetoun any night of the week and see the Tuck Tuck Express roll through) their performances are still filled with an undeniable passion and energy, which the majority of local bands should be using as a how-to guide to be less sucky.

Further - Live At Big Day Out (2004)

Peabody - Live @ Ed Castle (December 6, 2008)


Further - Yesterday's Enemy

Peabody, Further and Tucker Bs wholeheartedly BELIEVE in their music. They aren't focused on popularity contests, making head cheerleader or cooking up bubblegum songs to get mad Video Hits love. In fact, all three bands have consistently bucked against the trends and this (almost) purposeful defiance of mass success also doubles as one of the most lovable attributes of all three bands.

Writing poetry about a sitcom

Music is worth at least eleven thousand words. Below are streamable lil' mpfrees of some of the best Sydney/Australian music of the past decade. Soak it up.

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Muscle'n Flo

What's wrong with Dappled Cities???
Art vs Science and Bluejizz are mighty shit but I don't think Dappled Cities are really in the same category...

Tucker Bs and Peabody are tops but what's your problem with DC??

9 years ago


Dc are the opposite of these 3 bands.
Way too much credit for 10% substance.
I love that these bands are getting credit I hope it leads to much much much more.

9 years ago


Further is the best and most under appreciated band in the world. Every bit as good as any "world class" act. Dappled stink. Poo town.

9 years ago

Muscle'n Flo

Yeah good on them... I hope they do too
But will you like them then or will they be another example of way too much credit for 10% substance?

9 years ago


Nope, theyll deserve it for sure.
I dont put shit on bands for doing well. Just the ones that i dont get.
Music is subjective. Im sure dappled understand this.
Celebrate diversity!
Viva Life etc...!

9 years ago


your site is funny... it seems only 2 people read it though.. thats a shame

8 years ago



8 years ago

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