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Polaroids Of Androids


Paper Scissors + Big Cats + John Steel Singers @ World Bar

The Paper Scissors launched their new single Yamanote Line on Friday night at World Bar.

The song itself is pretty good, as is the rest of their material. Still not entirely convinced though. There's something niggling in the background that irks me slightly. Perhaps it's just that i've seen them play better shows, in better venues, with better crowds.

Not finger pointing at World Bar like we did last time though. Sound, while not tremendous was adequate, and the DJ's were brilliant?

Melbourne's Big Cats were support. They remind me of Brisbane band Iron On's sound so much that it's slightly distracting for me. But that's not a bad thing as both bands are pretty good in the power pop stakes.

John Steel Singers were the other support. Hailing from Brisbane they brought a Phoenix synths crossed with Spoon swagger to the stage and were pretty impressive as far as first support acts go.

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