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Ten Questions: The Kill Devil Hills

The Kill Devil Hills

We fire ten 'hot ones' at Brendon Humphries of Western Australian band The Kill Devil Hills and he politely returns serve with some responses that give a lil' insight as to what peeps attending shows on their upcoming national tour should maybe expect.

1. Describe The Kill Devil Hills in five words (swearing permitted).

Brendon, Steve, Alex, Steve, Ryan.

2. What kind of cocktail should one consume while attending a KDH gig and can you supply a recipe?

Claret mixed with Emu Export, never fails.

3. Why does Freemantle kick the shit out of Perth?

Most places kick the shit out of Perth, it's not that hard.

4. How many Kill Devil Hills does it take to change a light bulb?

We've got road crew for that.

5. Which Aussie artist would you like to collaborate with / give a squeezer to?

Not quite sure what a squeezer is but we would like to collaborate with Icehouse.

6. Do you want longer lasting sex?

What, more than 3 hours?

7. Vampires are all the rage at the moment, what's with that?

It's a good way to market jeans I guess...

8. I really like this girl at school, but every time I try to talk to her nothing comes out. What should I do?

Stalk her with your mobile like all your friends do. Or you could turn into a vampire and then she'd want to fuck you.

9. What's the secret to growing a rollicking good beard?

Longer lasting sex.

10. What surprises can audiences expect from The Kill Devil Hills' February national tour (eg have you added samplers and floor toms to the line up)?

We've got a choreographed dance and light spectacular now, with 250 people on stage... no miming either.


The Kill Devil Hills' Another Joke, Another Ransom Tour kicks off tomorrow night in Brisbane.

Friday, February 5: The Zoo, Brisbane
Saturday, February 6: Bon Amici, Toowoomba
Sunday, February 7: Great Northern, Byron Bay
Wednesday, February 10 Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour
Thursday, February 11: Northern Star, Newcastle
Friday, February 12 The Annandale, Sydney
Saturday, February 13: Heritage Hotel, Wollongong
Sunday, February 14: Clarendon Guesthouse, Blue Mountains
Wednesday, February 17: The Republic Bar, Hobart
Thursday, February 18: Hotel New York, Launceston
Friday, February 19: Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Saturday, February 20 Corner Hotel, Melbourne

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