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Win: Bitch Prefect 7" + double pass to the Goodgod launch

Adelaide 'rock' has been going through a bit of a soggy patch lately. Gone are the glory (hole) days of Radelaide RnR where you couldn't swing a serial killer and/or a church without colliding with a life-changing band (Bit By Bats, Pharaohs, Wolf & Cubtop Hoods etc etc).

Thankfully, historical significance is set to be restored to the small coastal community with the recent arrival of cunt-pop revivalists Bitch Prefect. The band have just released their latest couple of soon-to-be-classic singles — Marilyn Monroe and Holiday In America — which they've successfully glued together and will be hocking for Real Dollars with assistance from their good buddies at The R.I.P Society Recording Empire.

Just in case you're only getting up to speed now, here's the kind of brilliance you've be "mad slacking on":

Thanks to the aforementioned (fuckworthy) R.I.P Society folks we've got a whole swag of copies of the group's new double a-side 7" to giveaway. We've also got a double pass to their launch show, which is going down THIS THURSDAY at the home of good times, loose women and awkward dance moves - Goodgod Small Club.

To get your hands on the double pass, a 7" or the phone number of any of the R.I.P Society Hot Boyz simply answer the little question below regarding the Great City Of Adelaide (right down the bottom there, underneath the "Enter This Competition" bit).

Hint #1

Hint #2


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