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ATP Sydney playing times released

Nick Cave
This is the look Nick Cave gives you just before he kills you and/or makes love to you.

Word is that the FIRST EVER Australian All Tomorrow's Parties event at Mt Bueller last weekend absolutely ROCKED. Nick Cave brought the thunder, Fuck Buttons pillaged and the Dirty Three proved once and for all that violins are fucking rock instruments sent from the rock Gods (ie. Jimi Hendrix). Gushing praise from all seventeen corners of Da Webz.

This weekend it's Sydney's turn to get 'caved'. Pun-mania!

Playing times!

Foundry Stage
12:15 - Bridezilla
13:30 - Hoss
14:45 - Dead Meadow
16:00 - Laughing Clowns
17:15 - Spiritualized
18:45 - The Saints
20:15 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
22:15 - The Reels

Shipbuilder Stage
11:45 - The Stabs
13:00 - Afrirampo
14:15 - Beaches
15:30 - Harmonia
16:45 - Robert Forster
18:00 - The Necks
21:45 - Fuck Buttons

Barracks Stage
11:15 - Hunter Dienna
12:30 - The Holy Sea
13:45 - Conway Savage
15:00 - Psarandonis
16:15 - Michael Gira (Angels of Light / Swans)
17:30 - Rowland S. Howard
19:15 - Passenger Of Shit

Turbine Stage
18:00 - James Blood Ulmer
22:00 - Silver Apples
23:00 - Sounds of Seduction

Apparently, the playing times for both days (Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th) will be identical. I was kinda hoping they would go in reverse order for the second day. Mix it up a bit kids.

Also, according to some words on the ATP webspace these times are still NOT 1000% finalised as yet. So probably best just to get in super early to avoid any minor disappointments and/or embarrassments.

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