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Clue To Kalo vs Lily Perdida

Clue To Kalo
What Clue To Kalo frontman, Mark Mitchell, lacks in arms he makes up for in raw talent.

There is little doubt that we have been 'madddd slack' on our updates of RADelaide Town over the past few weeks/months/years. In fact, there was a time (in the blissful summer of 1997) when if you visited this site (which back then was just some graffiti on a bathroom wall at my high school) the number of over-the-top references to bands like Pharaohs, Bit By Bats, Lindsey Low Hand and Wolf & Cub (pre-techno) was somewhere in the tens of billions. But in the oh eight we have hardly 'propped' any bands from the city of serial killers (who hide out in churches).

So it's with great pleasure that we pay overdue homage (read: mention) Clue To Kalo who are undeniably the finest musical collective to explode outta BADelaide since the Hilltop Hoods convinced a talented local Blue Light Disco DJ to join their ranks.

The group, which is held together by multi-instrumentalist and all around 'mastermind', Mark Mitchell have a fantastic unique style. I am going to call it 'computer folk'. It's kinda like folk music IN THE FUTURE where robots control our every move AND Adelaide is the final frontier against our rebel creations. Yes.


After touring all over the planet (with great people like Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Four Tet, Death Cab For Cutie and Architecture In Helsinki) the group have recently returned home to rest up, enjoy the football finals and release a new album.

The new offering is entitled Lily Perdida and it's somewhat of a concept album, containing ten musical perspectives of a fictional female character, each from the point of view of a different person in her life. You can get it NOW in all good record stores (and some 'average' ones too).

To celebrate the release of Lily (the album, not the lady) the group will be playing some shows around the place over the next month or so:

Thursday, October 9: East Brunswick Club, Melbourne
Friday, October 10: Hanger, Brisbane
Saturday, October 11: Spectrum, Sydney
Friday, November 7: Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Tickets are available from the 'normal' ticket selling outlets and/or on the door. Supports for each town to be named shortly.

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And carpet warehouses.

More Serial Killers, churches and carpet warehouses per capita than any other Australian city.

1 decade ago

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