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No Age respond to the Shag hatin', partner up with skateboard company, shred it in New Zealand with Ryan Adams

Whoasters, is this no-age-fan-girl dot org or what? Am I right? Up top? No? Ok.

First things first, YES we think the whole No Age vs Shag thing is funny/strange/shit, especially the massive blow-out of comments on the blog post. It would have been loads better if it was No Age vs Shaq as well. Mainly, because Shaq would have dropped a whole load of trash tweets about No Age and their general sloppy punk style. Getting dissed by Shaq hurts.

Anywayz.. in an attempt to 'bury the beef' Dean from No Age has responded...

this is dean from no age, shag is a cool dude, no biggie, on and off the air he was just throwing us a few backhanded comments, and we were slightly annoyed. but it really is no big deal, i think FBI and shag are good people.

Ok, so that is all over now, right?

In other exciting No Age news, the duo have been officially signed on as the "team managers" for the music side of DIY-skateboard company Altamont Apparel. What does this mean? Well, twice a year Altamont put out a special 10" vinyl record with their season catalogue AND, starting from Spring 09 (Autumn for us Southern Hemisphere champs) No Age will be picking the band/s that appear on the release. Naturally, for the first one they have picked themselves AND chosen to package togetherGoat Hurt, It's Oh So Quiet (Bjork cover) and Recovery and Everything Else.

The sad side of this news is that the 10" aren't available to Joe Public, only offered up to stores that sell Altamont gear. Ebay?

While the duo have been in the country over the past week or so they have been keeping their blog up to date with lots of tourist snaps, cultural observations and (of course) radio DJ dissing. This photo of them hanging out with Ryan Adams at a Wellington skatepark is a particular highlight, at the very least for the "caption this" possibilities...

No Age and Ryan Adams

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