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No Age reveal album details, give away first single, we get excited

Despite having all of the characteristics of an album (hole in the middle, music contained within, etc) No Age's 2007 record, Weirdo Rippers, wasn't technically the band's debut album. You see, the record brought together all of the band's previously released 7" singles, so therefore it was classified more as a 'summary of the story so far' than something that would fulfill the definition of an 'album'.

So, Nouns is the name of the band's debut record and it looks a little bit like this...


The record is due out internationally on May 6, but, most probably because of our fixed weekend release dates, it will be available locally via Stomp on May 3.

Nouns tracklisting:

  1. Miner
  2. Eraser
  3. Teen Creeps
  4. Things I Did When I Was Dead
  5. Cappo
  6. Keechie
  7. Sleeper Hold
  8. Errand Boy
  9. Here Should Be My Home
  10. Impossible Bouquet
  11. Ripped Knees
  12. Brain Burner

Sub Pop have been nice enough to give away a FREE download of the first single, Eraser, which after several laps around the land of the internetzzz, was officially released on April 8.

No Age - Eraser [mp3]

You can pick up the lovely 7" version of the single over at Insound. The vinyl release sees the single partnered with an action packed collection of b-side covers, which the band apparently taught themselves while fighting through a snowstorm recently.

Eraser 7" tracklisting:

A1: Eraser
B1: Don't Stand Still (Nate Denver cover)
B2: Male Masturbation (The Urinals cover)
B3: When You Find Out (The Nerves cover)

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