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Shows n Shows: Batrider, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, The Kill Devil Hills

Batrider, sucking in the Big Ones.

This little update is dedicated to Tapes n Tapes. R.I.P. But there's no "Imma gonna use this Pitchfork and bury you guys alive" underlying theme/zing. Ease up on the negativity. Right? Let's just remember Indie Music? Block Parties (featuring Davey Chappelle) R.I.P (featuring R.I.P).

Speaking of buried alive. Beautiful swamp music. Batrider are doing a lap around the country in celebration of their new album Piles Of Lies.

Batrider album tour
Thursday, August 18: Step Inn, Brisbane
Saturday, August 20: Goodgod Small Club, Sydney
Sunday, August 21: Phoenix, Canberra
Saturday, September 3: Format, Adelaide
Friday, September 9: Grand Poohbah, Hobart
Saturday, September 10: Skinny Geans, Launceston
Friday, September 16: The Bakery, Perth
Friday, September 30: The Tote, Melbourne

Speaking of Dead. Yeah, have you been to Launceston? Nah, just kiddin' Tassy. What me worry? Youse don't even have The Internet yet. Lolly lol. NBN rollout. Mo' like NBN lolout. And you will know us by the trail of our failed policies. Politics.

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Wednesday, September 7: Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Friday, September 9: The Hi-Fi, Brisbane
Saturday, September 10: Manning Bar, Sydney
Sunday, September 11: The Rosemount, Perth

* Tickets on sale Monday, July 11.

And last but not least, everyone's favourite Western Australian lumberjacks/alt-alt-cuntry ballcrushers, The Kill Devil Hills, have just returned from a HUGE 40-date Europia tour and they're keen to show you what they've learnt (spoiler: Polish) as well as show off material from their forthcoming (as yet still untitled) new album.

The Kill Devil Hills "hey, look at us" tour
Thursday, August 18: Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Friday, August 19, Ruby's Lounge, Belgrave, Victoria
Saturday, August 20: East Brunswick Club, Melbourne
Sunday, August 21: Jive, Adelaide

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And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
The Kill Devil Hills


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