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Polaroids Of Androids


TGIF: Earl is on a Lonely Island pushing that cunt Gucci Mane out of a car

I was just blowing the head off a tall one (some homo) when my trusty intern/lamp informed me that we'd yet to push Send on this week's installment of Thank Gucci It's Friday. So, even though you're all probably at the pub already trying to fuck your interns (she's a lamp, mate) here's a compilation of Light Stuff we put together that'll hopefully make the weekend a little bit more tolerable...

Gucci Mane. Well, speaking of that troopa/legend, he was arrested again this week after he pushed a broad out of a car because she didn't feel like taking a mouth full of gold. Stop, drop and roll.

Army boot camps right? Well, that was always the most consistent rumour relating to Earl Sweatshirt's notable absence from OFWGKTA since, well, pretty much forever. Complex Mag finally uncovered the truth about Earl's mysterious whereabouts this week — the foul-mouthed little tike is on holidays in Samoa!

Islands. That's the segway ok?

New Lonely Island song!!!

Ok, maybe not so New anymore. I/we kinda forgot to post this in last week's 'article' but it was too good to just let rot.

Hardly the silliest thing from This Week though. Here's a crazy broad quoting The White Stripes in congress to order to push through some sort of carbon/mining/livin' tax...

Speaking of serious shit, here's one of the more serious bands in the world, TV On The Radio, with a 56 minute Video On The Internet that "visually encapsulates the re-imaginations of their new album Nine Times Of Light". Weed.

But, Serious Brooklyn ain't got nothing on this Bored Housewife With A Dislike For The C-Word. Email of the week!

To lift your spirits after that distressing low-point, let's turn to party menaces Hoops and their April Webjam Mini-mix.

And, if that (somehow) wasn't enough to restore your faith in Humanity, just remember it's only about 12 days until Polaroids Of Goodroids episode 2, starring New Zealand's finest — THE FUCKING COOLIES. Guaranteed to smash your cunt into pieces.

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I agree, cunt is to harsh. Maybe we should start saying 'axe wound.'

8 years ago

Jonny Yes Yes

something about a "ham sandwich"

8 years ago


'meat curtains'

8 years ago

guess who? (the mystery face game)

yeah, real cool guys

8 years ago

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