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TGIF: Lil B is on your Amy Winehouse because she looks like a Crack Whore

Let's rewind ourselves back to March 2011, when our boy Lil B chatted to infamous music nerd Nardwuar about his influences (Cormega!), The Cooking Dance and his love of Internet Hackers (1:48)....

And today a "team of homosexual negros" hacked AmyWinehouse.com and dedicated the effort to B.

Probably shouldn't have made your password "g1mmeMoreL1n3s"....right Amy?

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Speaking of Lil B, homosexuality and Great Days On The Internet, B's new album I'm Gay was released yesterday. Do yourself a favour mate/s and head over to your nearest iTunes shop and grab yourself a copy.

The Fader also has a brilliant breakdown/art history lesson of the album's amazing cover.


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