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The Vines cover The Veronicas as part of a tribute to female artists

Occasional rock outfit The Vines have covered the track 4EVA by talentless pop darlings The Veronicas as part of a new compilation album called No Man's Woman.

The album features several male artists, such as Josh Pyke, Expatriate, Paul Kelly, Bob Evans and Powderfinger, covering classic female tracks by Bjork, PJ Harvey, Sinead O'Connor, Portishead and .. the Australian pop twinz.

Suprisingly, The Vines' spaced-out take on the pop-shit-tastic track is fairly entertaining - somewhat reminiscent of a few years back when they made Outkast's Miss Jackson sound like a drugged-out lullaby.

Anyways, judge for yourself...

No Man's Woman is in stores from this Saturday, October 20.

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dude you obviously havent met the veronicas. yeah i have to admit the vines cover sounds a fuck load better in my peronal opinion but back off a little throwing the insults around... just cause these girls made it big on the pop scene doesnt mean theyre living the pop life... theyre not talentless they just know talentless pop shit draw the big crowds

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

ha.. well, yeah i obviously haven't met the veronicas..

yeh .. the talentless stab might have been a bit harsh.. sure they have talent..
but your argument of the fact the create their music to suit their audience just doesn't sit well with me.. not trying this into a 'product vs art' argument.. but we generally like music that at least attempts to channel some creativity..

1 decade ago

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