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This weekend in Sydney: Animal Collective, Modular Xmas Party, Hard-Ons 25th anniversary show

The weather is starting to get warmer, heros/zeros are starting to get looser and people are slowly getting smashed off 'Xmas spirit'.


I am sure there are other things happening tonight but it pales in comparison to Hipster Fest 2009 - Animal Collective at Enmore Theatre. For me, I see tonight's show as the point where I become a fanboy or give up on these guys. Cooking with pressure.


Here are seven reasons why the Modular Xmas Party* tomorrow is probably the best way to spend a sunny summer afternoon...

  1. Tame Impala - showing off stuff from their upcoming debut album
  2. Jonathan Boulet - and the most addictive song EVER
  3. those nutty Canyons bros are doing TWO DJ sets
  4. Kripy is going to be there
  5. Ford Davis aka Wesley Pipes aka Angus 12MC will (probably) be there
  6. Crazy Beigey will be there
  7. Johnny The Ladd is going to be doing about a thousand DJ sets!

There are some limited tickets still available (until 5pm today) and a few last minute options on the door.

Playing times:

Band Room
2:00 - Canyons DJ set
3:00 - Jonathan Boulet
3:45 - Canyons DJ set
5:00 - Tame Impala
6:00 - Magic Happens
6:30 - The Swiss
7:00 - Bang Gang DJ set
8:00 - Ladyhawke DJ set
9:00 - Van She DJ set / Modular DJs

Side Room
1:00 - Dreamtime
2:30 - JTL
4:00 - Anna Lunoe
5:30 - Graz
7:00 - Tim Cutters
8:00 - Kim
9:00 - Modular DJs

Doors open at 1pm.

For those that like their shit a lil' harder - the Hard Ons will be playing their 25th anniversary show at The Gaelic. The show is a special treat for their die hard fans with the band assuring that they'll "play a bunch of shit from [their] whole back catalogue", including:

  • Missing You Missing Me (not played since 1989)
  • Rejected (not played since 1999)
  • Dull (not played since the 2005 21st anniversary show)

There are plenty of other Saturday options, with pretty much every taste taken care of - Bachelorette and Pikelet at Spectrum, The Inheritors at Oxford Art Factory and Akron/Family at Annandale Hotel.

* As previously mentioned, I work with the Modular Bros/Legends on a contract basis. This doesn't affect the content of the site in any way and this Saturday's Xmas party will be off the chain. Promises.

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so was it fanboy or giving up?

1 decade ago


well, do you like my band or wot?

1 decade ago

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