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Wavves and The Pitchforkers kiss and make up

Remember when there was more BEEF than a Chinese BBQ (no racism!) between 2009.blogspot (aka Wavves) and the Pitchy lads?

Well, that sheet is now more squashed than a hamburger party, with Wavvesy sitting down and having a little chitty chat with The Forks about his upcoming new album, tentively titled King Of The Beach.

The last thing I wanted to do was record the same record again. A lot of bands kind of get comfortable with something like that; once they know they've got something that some people like, they'll just go and try and recreate that. I just feel like that would've been so fucking boring to do. I wanted to just do something completely different. That was the beginning of the whole thing. But once I got into it, it wasn't even about recording a different record, necessarily. I was just trying to make the best record that I could, and I think that's what we did.

Full interview.

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