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Polaroids Of Androids


We aren't even going to mention the Mercury Prize

Any cred Britian-lands Mercury Prize had was lost today as the bright coloured trendsetting Klaxons took out the prize for 2007. Remember when Dizzee Rascal won it? Ah, better times.

Around the internet (very fast like) ...

The Shins have recorded a version of the Weeds theme song Little Boxes.

Tokyo Police Club have a very addictive new song called Your English Is Good available in 7" format. It's being put out by boutique record label Mean Beard Recordings and you can give it a listen at their MySpace home.

And the nostalgic link of the day? How about Sir Paul McCartney's complete drug history. I love the fact that Bob Dylan got him onto pot and was blown away by the fact he had never had it before.

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