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Will the Avalanches' new single be a 2009 version of Run DNA?

The Avalanches

Word on the street is that The Avalanches album (ie. the indie Chinese Democracy) will FINALLY drop in July. Peeps talking (around the netz) are also saying that the new single is only a couple of sample clearances away from hitting radio land.

Firstly, does anyone care? Have the Avalanches been away for too long? The last time they released anything Bob Hawke was in power. The record has been 'coming soon' for the past 45 summers. People are bound to be disappointed.

Secondly, how incredible would it be if they expanded their career highlight El Producto EP into a full length release. Doing away with the silly soundscapes of Since I Left You and focusing more on forming The Melbourne Beastie Boyz Voltron Machine. Band renamed.

Ok.. the real reason for this 'news' item was just so I could post Run DNA - probably the best song EVER.


BONUS VIDEO!! Here is the band performing the classic track on Recovery (circa 1998).

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The Avalanches


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That video brings back too many memories *sheds a tear* Instruments ftw. They supported the Beastie Boys in 99. Oldoldold.

There are only 3 of them left now.

1 decade ago


Definitely my favorite Avalanches song ever ;) I actually just scored a copy of El Producto on eBay, and I am EXTREMELY excited for the day it lands in my hands.. which should be soon ;)

1 decade ago


I will still only believe it when I see it...

1 decade ago


rumours on the net recently said that no new avs material was to come in at least the next 2years....

9 years ago

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