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Polaroids Of Androids


Snoozing is losing?

Is your scrolling broken? No..? Then scroll on down to see and/or listen to the latest podcast episode with a whole host of new songs that have been beating around our heads and office places over the past couple. Yeah, remember podcasts? Well .. guess what... back.. Clickity.

Essential Festival yesterday was awesome fun and entertainment. A review will soon be churned out once we get our loyal monkey type-writing service back up and functioning.

If you are hungry for some new unheard music to tie you over until the weekend then The Luck Express is coming in. New Zealand rockers Collapsing Cities are creating more than a bit of a ruckus on the other side of the river between us and them. Their music is incredibly infectious and addictive with similar stylings to several others before them, but at the same time, completely free from direct comparisons. With a debut album in the works you will surely you will hear more of them soon enough, but if you can't wait to be the first in line - you can purchase their self-titled EP over at Cheese On Toast or head over to their MySpace and listen to a couple of tracks. You have been warned.

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Essential Festival


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