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Polaroids Of Androids


Can I Borrow A Feeling? (Baby Mix)

DOWNLOAD (30 minutes / 28mb)

Baby Mix 3

Once I dreamt I was a raindrop... This is not the soundtrack to that.

NOTE: This baby mix was generously custom created by our friend Mars. So praise (or hate if you are cold and heartless) can be directed to him

  1. Danger Doom - Sofa King Remix
  2. Richard Ashcroft - Music Is Power
  3. Cat Power - He War
  4. The Knife - Heartbeats
  5. Wolf Parade - Shine A Light
  6. The Kooks - Match Box
  7. Be Your Own Pet - Adventure
  8. Africa Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat

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Cat Power
Danger Doom
Richard Ashcroft
The Knife
Wolf Parade
The Kooks
Be Your Own Pet
Africa Bambaataa


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