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TV On The Radio touring?

There are rumours flying around at the moment that TV On The Radio will be heading our way sometime in January and/or February. Sydney Festival maybe? Their new album Dear Science, is in stores next Saturday, September 20.

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Quick News
TV On The Radio


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maybe BDO?

9 years ago


I really enjoyed the last time I saw TVOTR in Oz. It was at the Gaelic, which I know is usually shit, but it was something about their presence and possibly something to do with Wolf & Cub ripping before hand and it being my birthday made it memorable.
Then about a 5 months later I saw them at the Koko in London and they were just as good then, if not better. I recommend anyone who has the means to defiantly check them out.
** Yes, I am drunk and on the POA forum. Loser much?

9 years ago

Jonny Yes Yes

yeah Sean.. i think its got to be either BDO or Sydney Festival
I am hoping for Sydney Festival purely cause they always have better venues etc..
seeing TVOTR at one of the Opera House side rooms or even the State Theatre would be crazy.. call me a dreamer

9 years ago


Ohhh TVOTR at the Opera House would be wonderful. Kudos to your dreaming Sir.

9 years ago

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