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Polaroids Of Androids


Bon Iver

Perth, Western Australia is (approximately) the most isolated city on Earth. Gambling, prostitution and Mr Gubler are all legal in the city and provide employment for 82% of all Perth residents [2002 census].

It's also a significant arts hub for the region, most famous for it's pioneering work in the field of Rewindable Tele-Motion (aka Backwards Video), perfected by Perth indie rock legends Eskimo Joe in their 2004 short film about a less relevant city.

Perth is also the home to many great trumpet/rock bands, such as The Tigers. Since 1998 The Tigers have been steadily releasing amazing albums (and one Christmas album), continually pushing the boundaries of Fragility, while at the same time not being afraid to smash their guitars into the faces of bearded Faux Hippies and/or cry into their scooner/pint/middy* of reasonably priced Swan Draught.

Perth is from Mr Iver's new self-titled record, which is out today via Mediafire Records.

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fuck this is good.

8 years ago


"Perth, Western Australia is (approximately) the most isolated city on Earth."

Perth is no where near the most isolated city on Earth, it's amazing how many Perthians believe this myth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_points_of_Earth#Remoteness

7 years ago


"Perth is no where near the most isolated city on Earth..."

I enjoy the fact that you took issue with that fact, but not that gambling, prostitution and a mountain constitute 82% of the city's population.

7 years ago

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