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Courtney Barnett
Avant Gardener

Your first impression is probably right, even when your instincts try and tell you it's faltered. On one of our recent podcast episodes (and it's times like this I'm somewhat thankful for the single digit subscription tally) I mentioned how Courtney Barnett's music reminded me of Sheryl Crowe's style. Of course, that's a compliment. Crowe is a poet, a perfect picture painter, with a flow that would make Nasir Jones (circa pre-Kelis) envious. But, obviously that kind of comparison could be seen as a tad lazy — and even patronising — given the pop/mainstream stigma associated with Shezza and the fact she hasn't been in the public spotlight since her days of berating Lance for shooting up in the kitchen.

Well, you tell me...

Avant Gardener is perfectly wordy. Quotable lines are literally tripping over each other to get to the front. There's not even room for a chorus, as Courtney retraces the details of the time she went into anaphylactic shock while gardening during a heatwave.

"The paramedic thinks I'm clever coz I play guitar, I think she's clever coz she stops people dying".

But the best facet of this song is the way in which Barnett slowly drifts off-course. She frequently strays from the linear storyline of the scary and life-altering event, falling into little pockets of brilliantly unessential detail — including an explanation on why she's unable to correctly work the breathing apparatus ("I was never good at smoking bongs") and a small jab at our unbalanced health system ("I'd rather die than owe the hospital 'til I get old").

Avant Gardener is Courtney's latest single (um, this is the *exclusive* premiere, cough cough) and will be available to purchase in homemade CD-R format on her upcoming East Coast tour — which kicks off this Thursday.

Thursday, March 21: Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Saturday, March 23: Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Sunday, March 24: Hills Are Alive Festival, Victoria
Thursday, March 28: Toff In Town, Melbourne

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Courtney Barnett


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