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Polaroids Of Androids


Dinosaur Jr
I Want You To Know

Yeh, we are fully aware this song (and the album it is from) have both been out and about around town for a little while now. Didn't youse read that little 'disclaimer' thing on Monday? We are in catch up mode. Zippity.

The new Dinosaur Jr album, Farm, has been getting a lot of digi-spins in the World O' PoA over the past few weeks. It's hard to figure out exactly what makes it so damn brilliant. Is it the flashbacks to when things were all so simple, aka the early 90s? Is it the epic guitar solos that don't sound at all silly, wanky or over-da-top? Is it the head-fuckingly brilliant cover art?

Well, to be honest, it's probably best not to question it at all. Farm is a solid hour of guilt-free rock music and I Want You To Know is just one example from the record of The Dino Juniors doing what they do best. Mascis' (almost) collapsing vocals, some insane guitar wailin' and THAT RIFF. This is effing brilliant stuff.

Farm is out now, locally released by Liberator Music.

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