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Polaroids Of Androids


Earl Sweatshirt
Molasses (featuring RZA)

RZA's gonna fuck the freckles off your face. Then he'll prob do that scary fucking laugh that's haunted your dreams ever since he punched his way out of wet paper bag. Meanwhile, the legacy of Odd Future is on-(the?)-line right here as it's most talented member releases his long overdue (proper) debut, Doris. Judgements are still being reserved and decimal places are still being calculated but on first laps; a) Earl is still a linguistic king even in this post-puberty existence and; b) there's probably too much fucking ADHD Tyler popping up throughout. Just let him live, man. Either way, the Bobby vs Earlwood (which was previously only online as a live rip) is an immediate highlight.

Impressive that it's been successfully kept under wraps for so long (it's set to be released internationally next week), but Doris finally leaked overnight. OF Pty Ltd decided to respond with lossless instead of lawyers, making the whole thing available for stream here. Well played.

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Daren Lake

rza influenced beat is always welcome!

6 years ago

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