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Polaroids Of Androids


Fucked Up
Epiphany (No Age Remix)

About three weeks ago when I heard this song existed I - a) wet myself and; b) spent several days/months trying to find it. Nothing. Fast forward to today AND the song is all over the place. I can't swing a small infant in a whirling motion without hitting someone who is thinking about blogging about this song just to rack up some Hype Machine lust. (Sigh).

BUT it's a damn great song. It's Fucked Up getting sliced up by No Age. It's metal-ish. It's grunge-ish. It's a 2009 indie handjob. So, in the end it was impossible to not hit the 'post' button and shoot this at you.

Oh, and for those that like 'info', this track features as the b-side of Fucked Up's new 7" release of No Epiphany, which is OUT NOW via Matador.

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Fucked Up
No Age


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