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Polaroids Of Androids



Ok, so you get it by now right? We're pretty against silly marketing stunts. So forgive me if I go off on a little tangent to complain about a single "leaking" when the band's record company do said "leaking" via a stupid flash widget that requires your email address. Way to redefine the meanings of words, music industry.

With that little discrepancy behind us, I'm happy to announce the song itself is actually pretty damn good, as you probably would have guessed since I'm posting it anyway despite that unpleasantness that we shall not speak about again. It retains the charm and simplicity of their Album stuff, while pushing forward into a fuller sound and adding in a few spacey atmospheric elements too. I've been kind enough to "illegally" "file" "share" the song below so you don't have to go through the trouble I did to get the track. Who's you're favourite bitter-temporary-POA-editor-while-Jonny-is-travelling-the-world now, huh?

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9 years ago

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