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Polaroids Of Androids


Lucy Cliche
The Escape

The hashtags are saying New Wave, but my mind is telling me this is more Crisp White Dress Shirt With Gold Trim Collar Features. Yep, there's notable traces of Barebones Discotech and Lifegaze Fantasy Pop (3:15am) as well. Good nose/ears on ya there mate. Speaking of Good Ones, there's a little bit just before the bridge where The Escape threatens to do just as it's name suggests and transform into a stripped-back version of this. Kinda glad it doesn't but can't help but imagine if it had.

Lucy Cliche is the solo identifier of Lucy from Naked On The Vague. She's had a handful of demos floating around for about 12 months now, but it's great to hear that minimal sparsity now being enlarged to a whole new space entirely.

The Escape will feature on Picture Yourself, which is either an EP, LP or a Powerpoint-to-VHS slideshow, due out later this year.

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Lucy Cliche
Naked On The Vague


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