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Made In Japan

This is the latest offering from Sydney up-n-comers Made In Japan, freshly delivered to us yesterday, moments after it successfully flew off the production line at the Mastering Palace.

While hardly a complete abandonment of the group's core catchy rock sound, Pairs is (musically at least) a lot more complete than their previous work, possibly thanks to the recent recruitment of Ghoul bassist Pavle Vizintin (but also quite possibly not). Either way, the lads are filling out nicely, turning their chubby tuckshop arms into muscles and starting to sprout a lovely array of junior-man-like hair. It's also great that they're sounding a lot less (err..) British now.

Pairs will feature on the group's forthcoming EP, Working, which we have been promised will be released sometime in the next month/year (approx). You can catch the band showing off their new material this Friday at Spectrum, with loving assistance from Only The Sea Slugs and Foveaux.

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Made In Japan


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Great song and great band. Hopefully I get to see these guys play again soon.

1 decade ago


dem some tight jeans, boy

1 decade ago

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