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Matt Banham & Summer Flake
30 Candles

Update (July 18): the rollercoaster of life continues! The Petersham Bowling Club now WILL feature a little bit of Matty Banham. He'll play a short set at 8pm. Get in/wet early.

Update (19:40): despite what you may have heard, Matty Banham will NOT be playing the Petersham Bowling Club show. He's got a sprained anklet. Nah, he's just not very tough anymore and can't do three shows in one weekend. He'll be at the Sunday show in Hollywood though, and the one in the Greater Newcastle Region on the Saturday.

Everyone's favourite target and/or frequent Target ladies department lurker, Matty Banham, teams up the significantly more female, Stephanie Crase (aka Summer Flake), for a song that trips down Memory Lane to when Matt was still thirty, not quite so dirty and yet probably just as hygiene deficient.

30 Candles features on Matt and Steph's Cruising Together Tour EP, which you can download "for the price of a schooner at the Hopetoun" over here. Coincidentally, the EP shares it's name with a little tour which the two are just about to go on, kicking off this Friday at the infamous/famous Petersham Bowling Club.

Friday, July 20: Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney (10% Banham)
Saturday, July 21: The Terrace Bar, Newcastle
Sunday, July 22: Hollywood Hotel, Sydney
Friday, August 10: Hotel Metropolitan, Adelaide
Saturday, August 18: The Gasometer (upstairs), Melbourne

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