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Polaroids Of Androids


Michael Beach

Edit: this track was initially incorrectly labeled as 'Golden Theft'. This track is called 'Eve'. Presumably named after the rapper.

This depressing Election Week. Religion once again reveals it's ugly mug. Any form of genuine passion is quickly replaced by another baby-kissing shopping centre expedition and an over-simplified campaign slogan. And those blankets of negativity. Your social timelines are clogged with hope-swallowing plans, adapted to minuscule media-cycles instead of any form of future-proofing. This impending lose/lose shituation we find ourselves in. A damned nation indeed.

And here, a fitting audio accommodator.

Traces of the great/late Jason Molina, self-depreciation ("we're all starting to come undone") and folding the space between actual real-life events and fictional biblical tales. More weight behind these words than the one-liners that accompany those fake telegraph pole campaign smiles. But this isn't a commentary. It's a form of salvation, appropriately separated from any tangible reference. It feels good to get away. Even just for eight minutes.

Michael Beach is an ex-Yank, current Electric Jellyfish. His new LP, Golden Theft, is out now via Twin Lakes and available for vinyl order and immediate download right now via the label's Bandcamp.

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