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Polaroids Of Androids


Pleasant Mistakes

About a thousand years ago we were Right Here, whinging that our abused 30-nothing minds/bodies were unable to cope with the harsh brutality of Real Life. I'm not specifically talking about the peak of hard-hitting television journalism, although the impact felt by Stain Grant and his team is comparable. On this occasion though I speak mostly of the fallout from another weekend of longnecks, long necked birds giving us grief and momentary electrolyte-fueled relief. And now we're right back here, complaining once more that the age-old metronome sound of time passing sounds like a billion angry socialists death-marching through our brain region.

Once again, we turn to our soothing saviour/beatmaker/Adelaider, Oisima (aka Anth Wendt), who wisely chose today yesterday* as the day to (finally) drop his Dusk Til Dawn EP.

Stream (and more importantly buy) the EP over on Bandcamp for the $5, roughly the cost of just one of those Midori n Pineapple concoctions you necked at 4am on Saturday/Friday at that dodgy suburban night club. Launch shows to celebrate the release and the existence of new German/Sydney label Herbede Records are expected to be happening around the country (and possibly New Zealand) sometime soon.

* A head-nod to the brutality of yesterday, whereby the simple action of copying and then pasting this post from Text, Mate into the Polaroids Of Updateroids was deemed to be a task too difficult. Urgh.

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