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Polaroids Of Androids


Paul Macadam
Hackit / Jamie

There's not enough cook books in the world to change this mood. Which makes perfect sense, given that it's not their primary function anyway. But, nonetheless, it doesn't silence the inner-monologue taunts — "mate, you're a fuck up".

But your self-focused negativity keeps you in check. Six or half-a-dozen or a converted try. Speaking of which, remember penalty tries? Seems like years since we've had refs or video refs or celebrity refs (Shane "The Game" Hayne) with the sufficient Guts to give one out, let alone utilise the rare clause to destroy the legacy of a future immortal like Jamie Ainscough. Ahead of the rugby league finals kicking off this weekend, here's the long overdue ode to that simpler/tougher era.

Both of these tracks feature on Macadam's brilliant new album Macadam II, downloadable and streamable over here.

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Paul Macadam


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