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Polaroids Of Androids


Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts
Coal (Live)

Let's Get Awkward. Life mottos to live by, right? Socially unfitting situations. You know, like night club spots packed with Trust Fund kids who are more entitled to Life than you are. More cool than you are. More successful. More comfortable. Best to stay in those beer-stained shitholes. Forget time. And forget those lifeless prior social engagements. And get completely lost in some blissful little $3 happy hour abyss.

The previous work of Newcastle's Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts — known in former lives as Nicholas French from Crab Smasher and Nikky Brassskulls — was incredibly insular. If you were lucky enough to hear any of his work, chances were you'd emailed the right person at the right time, and for your interest either received a cassette or been invited to a backyard/warehouse show in return. Cautiously invited into a circle where privately recorded, often painfully fragile, compositions hung on by a single thread. Endearing, but trapped in such an awkward space that they weren't particularly welcoming.

This video, taken from a live performance at the Croatian Club in Newcastle a few weeks back, suggests that Polyfox's new material is focused on an expanded view of the same scenery. The engaging elements of apprehension and uncertainty are still the focal point, but now they're rivaled by short bursts of self-confidence and unmistakably 90s pop/punk elements.

Polyfox played a show in Sydney last weekend (yep, we are just as bummed as you for skipping on that), but there's surely going to be plenty more opportunities to catch him/them showing off the new tunes in the upcoming months. For Northern Souls, he'll be back at the Croatian Club for the final (for a little while) Spring Break Wednesday Show on April 27, alongside Yellow Fever (US), Love Connection, Alps and In The Dollhouse.

There's also plenty of the aforementioned older recordings available up on his Bandcamp.

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Polyfox and The Union Of The Most Ghosts


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