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Real Estate
Talking Backwards

Let's face it — we're all fucked.

This property "bubble" is never going to burst. Where the fuck else are people going to live in Sydney? The house prices are going to keep going up and up as foreign businessmen by more and more "investment properties" in the suburbs that we helped make "fashionable."

We'll keep having to move further and further out. Marrickville. Dulwich Hill. Lakemba. Ashfield. Even there we'll never have enough savings to buy. Well, we could, but that would mean giving up the morning latte and fuck that. That's a necessity.

We might as well pack up stumps and move to The Gong. But even there's expensive. And how much would we even need for a mortgage? Half a mill? It's already too pricey in the places we really want to live, like Austi and Thirroul. We'd have to settle for Corrimal. Or Fairy Meadow. Or Coniston.

And fuck the commute. Two hours is forever. Not to mention there's always some derro cunt arguing with his derro missus all the way. Even though this is clearly the designated "quiet car." You just turn up you ipod louder and hope that he doesn't bug you. Or worse, they start taking a swing at each other. Fucking derros.

Still, this new Real Estate song's pretty good. Really helps to drown out the bourbon-fuelled screams.

From their new album, Atlas, due out early March via Domino.

Editor's note: nice work on including a sped-up version of Adam's Song as part of that opening riff. Two points.

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