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Sunset Rubdown
Black Swan

It seems somewhat criminal and/or 'unjust' that we haven't spoken more about the new Sunset Rubdown record, Dragonslayer, around this lil' corner of Internet Town. It's pretty much the best thing that Spencer Krug has ever his associated name with and surely right up there with The Temper Trap as one of our most loved albums of 2009. Lolz?

This track is the current fave around 'the office' BUT (as a true testament to the album's brilliance) this is surely something that will change over the next few days/minutes. The minimal drum tapping breakdowns, the explosive guitars/organs and Krug's trademark emotive vocals all melt together perfectly and - even with the song following a much more structured format than some of the group's other work - there is still the lovely sense of unpredictably throughout. Twelve stars.

Dragonslayer is out NOW, released locally via Intertia.

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Sunset Rubdown
Spencer Krug


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