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Polaroids Of Androids


Super Wild Horses
Black Book

"You got your friend. I've got the butter". Oh yeh, but does it even matter what the lyrics are? This is like that "livin in a trash can" line from that Tupac/2pac song all over again. Racism? Nah. But it's just as bad as us continually calling these two lasses Super Wild Babes. I mean, come on guys. There just some gals trashing away. Perfectly addictive. And done in under two minutes. None of that was a sexist handjob reference either, Mr Internet Filter.

Black Book features on the group's new ("beautiful urine yellow") split 7" with fellow Melbournites Boomgates. It's available now in all decent/semi-decent record stores, including Repressed Records in Sydney.

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Super Wild Horses


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