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Polaroids Of Androids


Super Wild Horses
Golden Town

A suitably sun-drenched lo-fi viddy for the first single off the Melbourne ladies' debut album Fifteen.

  1. Directed by Daniela Velickovic, who also filmed this classic little (no budget) Eddy Current clip
  2. Edited by Johann Rashid
  3. Filmed at The Rural Wonderland (aka Walkerville)
  4. Virgin Suicides
  5. Why/how do musical instruments make all ladies become total babes?
  6. Super Wild Babes.
  7. BABES!

Fifteen is out on July 23 via Aarght!/Shock.

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Super Wild Horses


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"super wild babes" - bella crea

9 years ago

Jonny Yes Yes


9 years ago


Very noice. Total babes. Backing vocals sound very Kim Deal. Sounds like they'd be fucking loud live too, which rules.

9 years ago

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