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Polaroids Of Androids


The Dead Weather
Blue Blood Blues

This song, the opener from The Dead Weather's new album Sea Of Cowards, absolutely SHREDS. Ball-dropping.

1. Jack "Big Boi" White is back in control, riding the ship/cowgirl down stinking alleyways and right up into the vagina of Ms Rock Pleasuredome.

2. "Check your lips at the door, woman!" It's the White Chappelle. Back-handing beeeyatchs.

3. White Thunder doesn't need a fucking hook.

4. Smash a dozen beers. TGIF!!! Right?

Sea Of Cowards is out now via Warner.

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The Dead Weather


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Vacuus Animus

oh come on, it's not THAT good

9 years ago

Straight Out Of The Carton

well, it shreds, you are right on that. but maybe not in capitals

9 years ago

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