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Polaroids Of Androids


The E.L.F
The Anti Nightmare

The Anti Nightmare is the latest installment in Darren "Lil Elfie" Cross' awesome one-track-a-week FREE internet album Plankton Icke and Tina Turner David City Limits. Much like last week's Will We Ever Know?, this track has been delicately laced with a few million grams of E-Dog's magical positivity sprinkles, making for a nice little optimistic climax to a record which very much started on the dark side of the road that divides Bummer Town and The Europhic Rainbow Highway Of Pleasure.

You can download the rest of the record (or the progress so far) from Dazzles' Soundcloud page. The final project is expected to be completed in the next few weeks with Capt Ebony promising "the album will be available around Xmas for a special ELF Xmas treat as a whole bundle with artwork". Bubbles of excitement.

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The E.L.F.


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