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Let's kick off the 2009 New Music column with something I have been sitting on for a couple of months now. Yessss ... super duper fresh!

Wavves is the name of the music persona of a San Diego kid named Nathan Williams. He creates fantastic homemade lo-fi punk rock, which many folks have compared to the sloppy side of No Age's sound. I can hear the similarities BUT I also think the comparison doesn't really do Williams justice. It kinda seems dumb, unfair and rotten to compare his style to anyone or anything else.

YEAH... skateboard punk rock is now OFFICIALLY back! Skateboards! Vision Street Wear! Single kick skateboards! Homemade backyard ramps! 2009 is gonna kick ass!

A few months back Wavves put out a cassette-only release, which has now unfortunately sold out. You can, however, now buy a CD version of the album via Woodist.

Songs which have the same name as the band that made them = THE AWESOMEZ.

Wavves is scheduled to release a second LP of brand new and FRESH tunes on February 3 via De Stijl. You can pre-order a copy of it right NOW via Insound.

The cover looks like this...

Wavves LP cover


  1. Rainbow Everywhere
  2. Sun Opens My Eyes
  3. Gun In The Sun
  4. Jetplane (Staying On A)
  5. No Hope Kids
  6. More Fur
  7. So Bored
  8. Summer Goth
  9. Surf Goth
  10. Goth Girls
  11. Ghost Ramp
  12. Killr Punx, Scary Demons

The standout track of the new material is the awesome (and highly addictive) 'slacker anthem' So Bored...

Side note: Nathan also runs an awesome old school hip-hop blog called Ghost Ramp. It's pretty much wall-to-wall classic shit.

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