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Polaroids Of Androids


The Children

This song, the opener off the Brooklynites' upcoming new album Odd Blood, sounds nothing like the first little sneak peak Ambling Alp, which we posted a little while back.

While Ambling was suckily sweet summer vibes mixed with Sesame Street mayhem (thanks Frenk), The Children sounds a bit more like a futuristic robotic death march. A march to the top of Handjob Mountain that is, where the babes taste sweet and the sun rays shoot like the lasers from your knapsack. It's uplifting, yet also strangely dark, mysterious and "pants pissing-ly dramatic" (quote me on that plz you press release hobbits).

Odd Blood is out February 9 via Secretly Canadian.

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The album is awesome. Disco Toto covers '85 Talking Heads. SC should really do a local release on vinyl. Hazchem. Achoo. Still a bit drunked.

1 decade ago

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