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Bit By Bats
Go! Go! Go!

Bit By Bats have often found themselves lost in comparison with either the stylings of early bands or within the myst of new age dance rock outfits. Those that get past a single song overheard on the radio understand that the Adelaide trio stand on their own. Comparisons are unfair, and now, after a handful of EP's, they have a full length album that proves that.

Bit By Bats' sound is familar, but it is reworked with a sense of urgency that makes it, at times, sound as though this is the final moments of a desperate situation. It's dancey enough for kids to 'lose their shit' at late night hipster parties, but also, engaging enough for wankers like me to sit at home and listen to it for hours, happy with the feelings it conjures up. A middle ground that is very rarely met.

From the opening shot in the arm of the title track the plan is made clear. This, followed up by the infectious One Six One, lay a platform for an almost flawless debut and by far and away one of the finest albums released by an Australian act in some time. To assist those only catching up now, some of the finer moments from Bit By Bats' earlier releases, All Night, Neon Flux and a fantastic reworking of Dance The Dance have been included, sitting perfectly alongside the newer material.

Bands that you have loved for some time releasing a splendid debut, I imagine, is similar to a proud parent whose son has just nailed the hottest girl at school and/or done pretty well in a maths exam. There's a feeling of pride, as well as relief. This album, surprisingly, goes beyond simply just not disappointing me. It impresses me to the point that I am calling up other fathers and telling them about my son's achievements, bragging about the wailing vocals, delayed vocals and telling them they have to see them live next time they are in town.

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Bit By Bats


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