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Polaroids Of Androids

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Dinosaur Jr

Hey you, whatsup? How is that band you like? What are they called again? The Kaiser Monkeys? I thought that was a fashion label? Oh, they play music too? Nice one.

So... do they get their albums recalled for being too loud? No? Oh ok. Do they bust out insane over-da-top guitar solos in the middle of a song without it sounding at all wanky? Do they make you feel kinda stoned/munted after listening for just 12 seconds? Do they write songs backed with believable attitude, drenched in school boy angst and topped off with a veteran's superior craftsmanship? No? Fuck. Sounds kinda lame, champ.

Maybe you should listen to this record I just got my filthy little mits on. It's called Farm and it was made by a bunch of old grunge/skater bros who have been turning out quality music for about 25 years. I don't think The MGMTs can even count to 25. Well, I guess that's not their fault. They are kinda 'fucked up on acid' all the time, right? Or maybe they just wear hippy clothes. I guess this isn't really the time or the place for that discussion.

But yeah, this record kinda makes your insides become your outsides. It's the perfect soundtrack for when you are driving around looking for a skate park and/or bongs. It also goes down well when you are BBQ-ing a large wilderbeast, drinking beer out of a can and getting blazed in your buddy's suburban backyard. This is probably the best album of 2009 to listen to when you are skateboarding with your father/grandfather.

They sure don't make music like this anymore.

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Dinosaur Jr


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