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Tio Bitar

Sweden. Home of fondue, fjords and flaming hot babes if you buy in to the stereotypes. It's also the home of Dungen, a band clearly formed from the traditions forged by some of the rock greats of times gone by. And while these influences are worn on their sleeve they bring enough new stuff to the table to warrant a fair amount of attention.

The latest example of their talents lies in their new album Tio Bitar (which translates to fuck knows what) and illustrates perfectly their dedication to making theatrical rock music infused with their own brand of melodic melancholy.

The album drifts between beautiful subdued moments and straight out rock, doing so from song to song and occasionally within the one track. The highlights are quite clearly the airy orchestral moments, Caroline coming to mind as a prime example, while the rock moments fall flat as they blend into one another creating a loud non-cohesive mush.

In the same way that people often fall into stereotypes when describing their homeland, Dungen eventually succumb to the same tried and true but intrinsicly stale formula that's been used for rock records for the past 40 years. Fortunately for the listener however, it is not before first rattling the cage and providing something of great worth for those willing to stick around.

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