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Polaroids Of Androids

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Jay Reatard
Matador Singles '08

Considering that this is essentially a singles collection and not a 'proper album' it runs surprisingly smoothly. Based around a much softer style than his most recent LP Blood Visions, this record finds Jay delivering his fantastic Southern punk drawl in a more retrospective tone, with more traditional song-writing favored over his previous aggressive focus.

Songs like You Mean Nothing To Me, I'm Watching You and Hiding In My Hole - while still distinctly punk music - are a lot more upbeat and much like the majority of the songs featured, are fueled through the utilisation of a wider spectrum of instrumentation. Aside from the almost five minute centrepiece Flourescent Grey, the record is packed with an endless series of short snaps of catchy punk, most of which clock in under two and a half minutes. This works in Jay's favour with none of the songs overstaying their welcome.

There is undeniably a greater depth of music on this record than Reatard's previous offerings. It shows an artist staying true to his roots, yet at the same time logically progressing forward. Hopefully, this collection signifies what to expect from Reatard on his upcoming new LP.

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Jay Reatard


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cheap sunday

Flourescent Grey is the bomb.

1 decade ago


giving it my first listen now... quite like it... totally agree that its smoother then Blood Visions... although I quite like the out of control craziness of Blood Visions...

I didn't think I liked Jay Reatard, apparently I do...

1 decade ago

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