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No Age
Weirdo Rippers

No Age create their own brand of dirty, uncontrived rock music. It's not cock out rocking - it's more punch in the face with bloody knuckles, fall asleep on your friend's couch and throw everything at the people kind of music.

Weirdo Rippers consists of songs collected from the five vinyl-only EP's that the band has released up until now, yet it hardly feels like a compilation album in any sense with the feedback-driven, punchy, short punk numbers tying together beautifully. The basic style of No Age is to make songs that are based around creating melodies from distortion, erratic guitars and fast paced drumming. The vocals that are laced over the top are amazing. At times they are distant and shouty - often distorted and out of tune, they merge perfectly with the music.

The real strength of this album comes from the way in which the songs sound like sloppy, retarded sing-a-longs of angst and fun, yet the band still seems to be in complete control of their sound. Just when you think their only skill is to whip out short spurts of punk rock energy, they hit the listener with Sun Spots and Loosen This Job, two songs which tie together perfectly and showcase the band's ability to create engaging music that isn't just catchy and fast-paced. The two songs rise with a mechanical sound that builds into a fantastic chanting mess of harmonies and industrial snippets.

There is not a dull moment on this entire album. It is a raw, rock, punk music adventure full of catchy tunes - void of any sense that the band is trying to create 'their pop song'. Nothing sounds forced and the unpredictable nature of the record is what makes it such a pleasure to listen to. Or maybe it's just their timing - with their chaotic sound of static, angst and distortion sounding so distant from the current style of shiny electro/rock music - that makes this record sound so fresh and creative. Either way, more stuff like this to distract me from the current barrage of pop-rockers would be more than welcomed.

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No Age


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