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Love and Paranoia

For the most part, Love and Paranoia is what you'd expect from a Regurgitator album. That is, keyboard and guitar-driven up-tempo pop-rock, with a little silliness thrown in for good measure. Apart from a couple of tracks you won't find anything here you haven't already heard before, albeit this time with a slightly 80's rock flavour and a new member (Seja Vogel bringing female vocals). And, while it isn't a bad album, it does leave me wishing they'd gone a bit further in the direction of the standout track, Armageddon Premonition.

There are 40 seconds of Brazillian drums on Sun Comes Thru My Window. The album was recorded in Brazil, but this this snippet is the only evidence. One of the things that made Mish Mash (recorded in a bubble in Federation Square, Melbourne) so great was the obvious influence that the passers-by had on the final album. Love and Paranoia could have been so much better if they'd gone to South America for a reason.

That said, if you're a fan of their work, this should go down nicely.

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