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Surf City

Coming to an over-crowded party that seems more focused on rehashing proven formulas than inventing their own, New Zealand's Surf City are the band that quietly does their thing in the corner. There is definately a sense of self-confidence in their sound and they know that over time people will notice them and make a fuss.

They are not without their own distinct musical influences - most notably early Flying Nun bands such as The Clean and The Bats - yet their unique collision of varying styles and reinvention of a distinctly New Zealand light punk sound is full of character and slacker charm. It's their lo-fi garage spin on this sub-genre, which comes across less like a recycling job and more as a reason for the band's existence, that makes this such an enjoyable twenty minutes of music.

Every song on this EP flows fantastically from start to finish with lazy vocals perfectly contrasted by a consistently on-point frantic rhythm section. There is also no sign of the usual EP trickery of surrounding a clear radio single with fodder and every track is worthy of it's inclusion.

This EP will not only make you keen for Surf City to hurry up and make a full length album but it will probably cause you turn all stalker-like and hunt down their phone numbers and beg them to. It's about as good as a six track release can possibly be.

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Surf City


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