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The Besnard Lakes
The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse

The Besnard Lakes have ridden the train of orchestral arrangements. They got the memo on how to be epic. And they're not afraid to fire an all out rock bullet squarely in the direction of their listeners. And just as I mix my metaphors, the Besnard Lakes aren't afraid to mix multiple techniques to get their point across.

The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse is a perfect example of the loud and soft principle. Sometimes it drifts along in a melodic, Beach Boys like manner, such as in the opener Disaster, or the fantastically sound effected Because Tonight. Other times the band relentlessly and dramatically rocks on tracks like On Bedford and Grand or the brilliant Devastation, the albums highlight by a small margin.

The band aren't afraid to let absolute silence speak just as loudly as their instruments either, with just enough seconds being allowed to tick over to build suspense or transition from one stanza to another on more than one occasion.

Ultimately the album is memorable as a whole, with not many tracks standing out, or dragging weaker ones around them up. While it won't be remembered for any radio hit singles, there's no doubt that it will fit comfortably in a record collection ten years down the track, and what's more, still be listenable and enjoyable.

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The Besnard Lakes


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