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The Kill Devil Hills
Man, You Should Explode

Dripping with sweat, testosterone, and balls-and-all fuckin' awesomeness, Man, You Should Explode is a great Australian rock and roll album. It stands proudly alongside the recent tremendous work of The KDH's 'swamp rock' contemporaries, The Drones and The Mess Hall. And after listening to it just one time, I checked my nut sack to discover I'd grown three extra testicles.

This is a "smash a chair over the back of a cunt 'cos he looked at you the wrong way during a game of Texas Hold 'em" kinda record. Album opener It's Easy When You Don't Know How screams and rolls around the room a like mad man. It kicks your teeth in and announces that The Kill Devil Hills are here and they fuckin' own this town.

Cockfighter, (although it maybe a taboo reference these days, now that they've moved on to be U2-wannabe-cum-stains) recalls early Kings Of Leon records with a gun belt full of swagger and filthy, drawling guitar string bends.

And then BAM! The album takes the lead horse by the reins and makes a left into slow burner town with the country ballad I Don't Think I Can Take This Shit Much Longer. An unexpected manoeuvre, but this bunch of desert hell raisers don't play by nobody's rules.

Other standouts include the piano bar sing along Words From Robin To Batman (not a confession of gay love, if that's what you're thinking... not that there's anything wrong with that), the eerie When The Wolf Comes, and the boot scootin' rocker Siam.

And at the end of it all, the tender Lucy-On-All-Fours lulls you to sleep like your resting your whisky soaked head in the warm, loving arms of a gold-hearted whore.

When you've finished listening to Man, You Should Explode, you'll feel like you've been kissed by a stick of dynamite. And dat sheet feels goooood!

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The Kill Devil Hills


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