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Polaroids Of Androids

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Twin Sister
Color Your Life

From all accounts, heroin is pretty fuckin' awesome. Unfortunately I'm not ever gonna give it a go because I'm afraid of:

a) needles
c) becoming passé

But if I ever did decide to throw my friends, family and life away and shoot up a jab of H, I reckon the soundtrack to the whole experience would be the tunes of Twin Sister.

Warm, woozy and dream-like, the music this bunch of kids from Long Island, NY makes is the kind of home-recorded experimental pop that drives other bands into fits of jealous rage. And their latest EP, Colour Your Life, is going to be the first medium that a lot of people are going to discover this band, and it's a pretty good platform to show off on.

Bubbling and oozing along; the keys, bass, drums, and guitars all fuse with watery sound effects and ghostly background bursts of distorted echoes that make you feel like you're falling one minute, and floating the next.

Bleeding through this chaotic atmosphere is Andrea Estella's amazing voice. Her breathy vocals sound like they wafted in and out of the mouths of Feist, Bjork and Victoria Legrand, before finally finding a home in Estella's sweet chops.

Stand out tracks on the EP include opener The Other Side Of Your Face and the closer Galaxy Plateau, but truth be told, this little gem works best when listened to from start to finish in one sitting.

The band has also recently signed to Pop Frenzy, so hopefully they'll be surfing to our shores some time soon. Make sure you become a Twin Sister junkie before they get here.

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Twin Sister


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